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A YFU exchange experience has many great qualities:

yfu india outbound exchange• It is amazing!

• It is living on a budget and sometimes being frustrated.

• It is discovering a new family, and new friends.

• It is being homesick and sometimes miserable.

• It is seeing a new country, and being exposed to exciting new ideas.

• It is becoming exhausted, and sometimes being bored.

• It is being looked upon as a representative of your country.

• It is making responsible decisions.

• It is experiencing failure, and learning how to overcome it.

• It is realizing that you are in a different culture, and finding the courage and flexibility to adjust to it.

• It is being exposed to new foods and discovering that you like them.

• It is becoming more independent.

• It is learning how much you love, and value, your natural family.

• It is rediscovering how much you love, and value your own country.

What type of student has a successful exchange experience?

A student who …

• Has curiosity

• Has the ability to tolerate failure and has a positive and realistic expectation

• Is adaptable and flexible

• Is tolerant to differences

• Is able to communicate

• Has a sense of humor

• Is motivated

• Is open minded

• Has a positive regard for others

• Is patient

• Is respectful of different cultures

• Is open to learn from mistakes

• Is able to participate fully, in home, school and community activities