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graphic_logo_new2015_200Q. What is International Youth Exchange?

A. Youth Exchange is when a student from one country moves to another country; lives in a volunteer host family, studies in school and participates in the local community.

Q. What is Youth for Understanding (YFU)?

A. It is an international community of organizations and individuals, united by a commitment to increase cultural understanding through the international family living experience of young people. YFU organizations may be found in dozens of countries world-wide.

yfu india faqQ. What is YFU India?

A. It is part of that world-wide movement – with its national office in New Delhi- working together with other YFU organizations, to prepare you for your responsibilities and challenges in a fast changing global world.

Q. How long has YFU International been in existence?

A. YFU has been existence for the last 64 years.

Q. How many countries does YFU have programs in?

A. Over 50 countries.

Q. How many students have experienced an international cultural exchange through YFU?

A. Over 250 000.

Q. How long has YFU India been in existence?

A. YFU India was founded in 2003 by an Indian national living in Frankfurt, Germany.