FAQ | Inbound Students

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yfu india inbound mapQ. Where in India will I live?
A. North India, mainly in the Punjab region. The cities that we have placed students in, as seen in the map at right, are as follows:

• Amritsar
• Banaras
• Chandighar
• Dalhousie
• Dehradun
• Jaipur
• Jalandhar
• Ludhiania
• Mussorie
• Shimla

Q. What type of school will I attend?
A. You will attend one of the top private schools in your community. Following are the websites of some of the schools who have participated in YFU India’s program:

Springdale Senior School, in Amritsar

Delhi Public School, in Jalhandhar

Sacred Heart Convent School, in Ludhiania

Auckland House School, in Shimla

Yadavindra Public School, in Patiala

Yadavindra Public School, in Mohali

Bishop Coton School, in Shimla

Q. Will I be able to shower/ bathe every day?
A. Yes!!

Q. What is the easiest way to receive money from my natural family?
A. Debit card, or credit card.

Q. How hot will it be in summer?
A. In the north it reaches around 46°C.

Q. Will I need warm clothes in the winter?
A. Yes, the temperature can drop to 3°C.

Q. Can I find western bathroom necessities in India?
A. Yes

Q. Will I be picked up at the airport when I arrive in India?
A. Yes. You will be picked up by either a YFU India volunteer or staff member.