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yfu india scholarshipsYFU India welcomed back to India the winners of short-term scholarships to study in Japan. These scholarships are funded by the Japanese Government and administered by YFU Japan and YFU India. Congratulations to participating students!

yfu india japan trip Outbound Indian students model their YFU India T-shirts before departure to Japan. yfu india japan exchangeThe students gather before heading to New Delhi airport. Next stop: Tokyo.
yfu india japanIn Japan, newly arrived Indian students gather with their hosts under the YFU banner. exchange yfu india japanIndian students’ colorful outfits bring a new flair to the Japanese educational environment.
yfu india japanIndian visitors and Japanese hosts gather by dramatic samurai statuary.
exchange for yfu india japanThe votes are in: Indian students and their Japanese classmates choose “peace.”
yfu india japanIndian students and their host classmates enjoy classic Japanese architecture. yfu india japan costumesAn Indian student and her new
friend model traditional Japanese dress.
yfu india japanJapanese students and their Indian guests take a study break. students in class yfu india japanThe smiles have it! Visitor & hosts hang out in class.
yfu india japanWith her school uniform and peace sign, this Indian student fits right in with her classmates.