Events 2007 – 2008

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Host Family/Volunteer Lunch, February 2, 2008

YFU India’s invaluable host families and volunteers came together with students and staff for this lunch in Jalandhar to review the events of 2007 and plan ahead for 2008.

yfu india

YFU India host families, volunteers, students, and staff at the meeting in Jalandhar.

2007 yfu india events

Host families and volunteers socializing and sharing their experiences, over lunch.

Re-Orientation, 2008

YFU India’s Re-Orientation program in northern India produced many memorable moments.

yfu india

YFU India students enjoy a sunny day during re-orientation, at Kempty Falls, outside Mussoorie.

yfu india haridwar

The night came alive during a religious festival in Haridwar, in northern India.

yfu india rowing

Team YFU prepares for a daring assault on the rapids of the upper Ganges River.

yfu india more rowing

Team YFU regroups during its daring assault on the rapids of the upper Ganges River.

yfu india devi temple

A quiet moment at 3,000 meters, on the way to Surkanda Devi Temple, near Dahnaulti …

new tehri dam yfu india

… but good times are just a step away, here on the rooftop of a dhaba on the way back from New Tehri Dam.

mountains yfu india

The mountains in northern India can easily be seen from miles around …

beach yfu india

… and so can the Europeans at the Ganga beach at Kaudiyala.

Christmas Gathering, December 25, 2007

Foreign students from several countries gathered together in New Delhi to celebrate Christmas with YFU India staff. A good time was had by all!

yfu india holidays

Happy Holidays from YFU India!

tree yfu india

Christmas stockings and presents waited by the tree, but something was missing …

yfu india lights

… the shining lights of Christmas cheer!!

yfu indiai dinner

OK, you bring the sparkly Christmas decorations ….

yfu india pancakes

… and I’ll bring the holiday pancakes!

yfu india meal

The pancakes didn’t last long, and neither did the rest of the traditional holiday meal.

yfu india party

On that Christmas night, the partiers brought sexy back to New Delhi …

more party yfu india

… and oops, they did it again!

church yfu india

Finally, a midnight visit to the cathedral, seeking last minute redemption.

mass yfu india

Some church-goers sported festive X-mas dress at midnight mass. Happy holidays!


Visit to the Taj Mahal, November, 2007

Nine students signed up for the opportunity to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World.


Mid-term Orientation, November, 2007YFU India’s mid-term orientation lasted from 11 – 15 November, 2007. For the first two days, students stayed at the historic guesthouse owned by the venerable Mrs. Bhandari, in Amritsar’s Cantonment area. Then, we moved to Dalhousie, where we stayed at the Himalayan Resort.

yfu india mid-term

Foreign students participate in mid-term orientation discussions …

fresh air yfu india

… while enjoying the fresh air.

yfu india group

The group assembles together.

wagga yfu india

Students and locals at the Wagga Border, between India and Pakistan.

dinner yfu india

Eating dinner indoors …

yfu india friends

… with friends from India, Europe and the USA.

pool yfu india

The spirit of international cooperation reigns in the pool …

yfu india races

… until the swimming races begin.

evening yfu india

Evening is a good time to socialize …

amritsar yfu india

… and take in famous places like the Golden Temple in Amritsar.

ice cream yfu

Yum, ice cream!

ice cream india yfu

We want some, too!

YFU India Lunch, 0ctober, 2007

On 07 October, 2007, YFU India hosted a lunch at the President Hotel, Jalandahar, for all participants in the North of India. Host families, Volunteers, Staff and School Principals were present. The families, students and volunteers from Mumbhai and Pune were missed!

YFU India families

YFU India families

yfu india volunteers

Volunteers and students

yfu Northern India participants

Northern India participants